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When a needle gets inside your body

Heavy sweat is pouring down my face as I picked up my medical records. I know exactly where I’m heading - The Child Care Clinic.

Oh, that smell of hand sanitizer, the taste of those free candies (in which there are tons of sugar. I don’t understand how doctors are making us healthy), the pale blue color of those rubbery gloves - I hate those- and finally, the needle of DOOM. Most of all, I hate the needle of DOOM!

5 long minutes pass, 10 long minutes pass and basically, the time is sauntering. The slow relaxed way of time is making my heart beat a million miles per hour (We don’t even use “miles” in Canada, but okay!).

OH MY GOSH! There she is. Her uniform is white, she is wearing those gloves. Clap!

Her footsteps are heading right to me. Then, stops and says in her sweetest voice ( Don’t fool me, I know what is going to happen ) “Oh hey! You must be Shrika! Okay, let’s get ready for your shot! I hope you are excited!”. I don’t understand why this particular situation here would be exciting. I hope she can see I am drowning in my own sweat!

She tears something open and there it is! The thing I would never want to see my whole life- THE NEEDLE OF DOOM! Now I know I won’t survive!

She reaches forward like a tiger gets its prey and pierces that awful needle into my skin! Oh, poor poor skin!

Wait! It’s in! I can’t believe this. The needle actually feels good inside! HA! The needle of DOOM is pretty crazy. One minute, and I’m drowning in its presence and the next minute it is the best buddy I have ever had. OOOOOH! The ant bite of the needle is not disturbing me anymore. It swirls around like a fairy creating suction effects - that’s a little weird I guess.

I kind of want this needle to stay in here for a bit longer, but as life occurs it doesn’t. Anyway, it was AWESOME!


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