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How to write a great book review | Free template!

Did you ever want to write a fantastic book review that could make your friends and family's mind blast (Yes I mean BLAST)! Most of us want to achieve this goal when writing a book review, but don't know where to start or how to go about it. Don't worry my friend, you have come to the right place (not literally a place though - a website. That was what I meant)!

I want to be honest with you all. I was also a person who had to tackle this obstacle. The moment I read a book, my brain's thermometer went to the highest point. What I mean by that is, my brain wanted to write a book review that could BLAST my friends' and family's mind. Yeah that's right! And that was when my beautiful high pressured thermometer dropped. I had no clue where to start. My mind was a blank, white piece of paper.

Anyway let's get to the point. Someone shared this amazing template with me and I really wanted to share it with you guys. Here we go!

*A PDF is attached down below for you guys to download and print out if you need to!


Step 1: Start with a few sentences describing what the book is about.

Now that you have read the book, you will most probably know how to summarize it. Put it in your own words and write a few sentences regarding what your book is about.

Step 2 : Tell everyone what you really enjoyed in this book.

- Who were your favourite characters and why were they?

- Did the characters seem real to you?

- Did the story keep you flipping pages and did the story keep you guessing?

- What part of the book was your favourite? Why was that part your favourite?

- Were there certain scenes that were written well.

- Did the book make you express your emotions? For example, did the book make you laugh or cry?

* These points can help you with the next step as well.

Step 3 : Mention anything in the book that you didn't prefer or like. Could the author improve something?

Step 4 : Recommend and Compare

- Recommend to readers and make sure to mention the age group when doing this.

- Compare this book to another book.

Step 5 : Give your book a rating!


I think this template helped me write the most efficient book review ever. Did this help you? Let me know in the chat or in the feedback section in the footer. Also don't forget to share your book reviews with me in the chat. Don't forget to subscribe! No pressure though 😀.

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