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The soap story

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Normal does not always have to be normal. The daily soaps we use might be considered normal to most people in this world, but not to others. Soaps, body lotions, shampoos, etc are filled with chemicals. Some are organic, but that does not mean that it would not have at least some amount of chemicals in it. Now here is the real question: do we need soaps, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners and all of Mr.Chemical’s family? Humans use up millions of tons of soaps each year. None of us think of the impact it is going to make on Mother Earth. Here is the story of Mrs.Soap and Mr.Soap.

The detergent in soaps breaks the surface tension of the water, something that we humans may not notify. Lower surface tension reduces the oxygen level in the water causing harm to marine life. This is not the only reason for the effect of pollution in the water because of soaps. There are many other miscellaneous reasons that soap can contaminate water. The chemicals in the soaps and other body products can be dissolved in the water which makes the water poisonous. These are the two main reasons that soaps can affect the water by.


Deep in thought of Chemicals...

Have you ever wondered what kind of chemicals affect the environment and our beautiful skin? Well, I have. There are many chemicals that are not very harmful and there are many chemicals that are very harmful to the environment and your skin. Here are 5 most dangerous chemicals used in the soaps we use. Lets start with the first one...

  1. Dioxane- This chemical is found in most personal care products and cosmetics. It causes eye and respiratory tract irritant. It also penetrates the skin. ???

  2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)- Also known as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, this chemical is found in many cosmetics and personal products. This chemical causes skin irritations and allergic reactions, like eczematous dermatitis, that leaves skin damaged.

  3. Triclosan- This chemical has antibacterial properties and is found in many personal care products and cosmetics. This chemical causes skin, eye and lung irritation.

  4. Parabens- This chemical is found mostly in bar soaps. In other cosmetics there are various different types of parabens. Parabens can harm your harmons in your body.

  5. Ureas- Found in personal care products and cosmetics. This chemical is to be very toxic. It causes skin irritations.


So... What is the problem?

After an hour of reading did you ask "What is the problem ?" The problem is that we humans are destroying this world because of all of the good-smelling beauty products. We are not understanding the inside and the secret tunnel to all of these personal care products. When some of us go to the lake or any other kind of water body you might see people using soaps while bathing in the waterbody. What these people did not realize is that the soap is really bad for the environment; it affects the marine life inside the water and it also affects the green plants that live in the water. Even if it says that it is biodegradable or organic .... it is still bad.


Did you think of a solution?

We don't always need bar soaps, or body washes do we? We can use different kinds of soaps like powdered soaps. Here is a recipe that is passing on for many years in my family and ancient asian cultures. The benefits of this soap are: 1. This is a soap that does not produce foam, that smells great and is very good for the environment. 2. The marine life can also consume this if you use this soap in your house or any waterbody. 3. This soap is really good for your skin. It will make your skin glow and it will also cleanse your skin. 4. It is not toxic if you consume this powder as it is not any particles of chemicals in it.

Here is the recipe that you can follow to make this soap yourself:


- Green gram regarding how much quantity you want your soap to be.

- Some sandalwood dust (Remeber 1 cup of green gram = 1/2 cup of sandalwood)

- Turmeric (Only for women)


- First add the green gram regarding the quantity of your wish into a bowl.

- Then add the edequate amount of sandalwood based on the amount of green gram you added.

- Mix these ingredients together well.

- Then grind them into a smooth powder.

- Pour this mixture into a bowl.

- Then add turmeric (only for women) into the bowl

- Mix all these ingredients together, your eco-friendly powdered soap is ready!

This recipe is very easy and can make a difference in this world.

You must be the change you wish to see in this world.

- Mahathma Gandhi


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